Vista Zen Center’s Artists and Poets

For some inexplicable reason, the Vista Zen Center seems to attract a broad spectrum of artists. Perhaps it’s because the teacher is an artist and unconsciously transmits the “come get creative vibe” out to the cosmos, or maybe it’s pure coincidence. Probably coincidence. But nonetheless, Vista Zen Center has a unique blend of painters, videographers, woodworkers, graphic designers, textile artists, poets, novelists, screenwriters, floral magicians, culinary wizards and probably a hair stylist or two.

Since zen and the arts have a long tradition of complementing each other, we encourage students to use the creative muse as an entrance to dharma practice. Many students have found this to be a refreshing add-on to the rigors of traditional zen practice, and the results of this support can be seen on their respective pages as well as periodic art shows sponsored by the Wonder Project.

We invite you to check out their pages, visit their websites, and join us if this looks like something you’d like to participate in too.