Scott Weber


Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph some of the most famous signs in Las Vegas for a project about Sin City’s love affair with neon and the origins of Glitter Gulch. Although not all of these signs are neon, they nonetheless reflect the golden era of “Old Vegas.”

I was introduced to Zen at the age of 16 when I read Alan Watts’ immortal words, “This is it.” Since that magical moment in 1969, I’ve enjoyed a 42-year marriage with Buddhist teachings. At the age of 25, I received the Buddhist precepts and began to study the dharma with Taizen Maezumi, Roshi at the Zen Center of Los Angeles, and my participation with Zen practice continues to this day.

My interest in the arts began at a very early age and even though I studied painting in college, I eventually found building homes and commercial structures infinitely more enjoyable and obviously a lot more profitable. However, I’m a slave to curiosity and this insatiable thirst has led me to embrace and utilize a multitude of mediums from which to express myself. Watercolor painting has always been my passion, but along the way I’ve developed skills in woodwork, sculpture, polaroid image transfers, web design, photography, and most recently as an award winning screenwriter. Presently, I write iphone apps and run several blogs that explore America’s favorite playground.

Bio provided by Scott Weber, 10/2011

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