David Clark


I’m a native San Diegan, born in the early years of the Eisenhower administration, schooled in San Diego, and educated everywhere. My early “spiritual” influences include the gentle influence of the teachings of Jesus, the Self Realization Fellowship, where, at 16, I first learned meditation, the practice of Kundalini Yoga and a lifelong love of books and learning. At the age of 19 I received a crash course in samsara via a tour as a combat infantryman in Vietnam. I began the practice of Zen at the VZC in late 2008, while recovering from a liver transplant, and am now one of the weekday regulars at the 8 AM sitting.

Over a lifetime I’ve explored many different forms of creative expression, including drawing, painting, printmaking, model building, stop motion animation, photography, filmmaking, underground comix, short stories, poetry and songwriting. My poetic, photographic, graphic work, along with short essays relating to them, may be seen on my blog, From the Lone Oak.

For more information about David, please visit his website here.